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Chairman's Notes

While awaiting the match report from the excellent 2-2 draw with high-flying Walton & Hersham, take a moment to read Tiverton chairman Michael Dunford's programme notes, written before the game, but after the club parted company with manager Martyn Rogers on Thursday.

THE significance of our FA Trophy defeat last Saturday to Swindon Supermarine will not be lost on hundreds of Tivvy fans. The ramifications will vibrate around the club for some considerable time.

Once the initial disappointment had disappeared into the ether, we were left licking our wounds and it was not long before the stark reality of our disappointing start to the season struck home. Results are the name of the game. The reality is that we have underperformed even when set against a slightly reduced budget, suspensions and injuries.

All those factors would probably apply at most clubs, especially at this level of football. Many clubs live hand to mouth and we adhere to a sensible and sometimes challenging set of budgetary controls throughout the club.

However, the Executive Committee are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring we remain as competitive as our finances will allow. Difficult yes; impossible no. All decisions will lead to consequences and football is never short of critics, doubters and sometimes faceless snipers.

The decisions made on Thursday brought an end to Martyn’s tenure as First-Team Manger. His contributions over the years will go down in Tiverton folklore. However nothing lasts forever and now, whilst we seek to appoint a worthy successor, Richard Pears will act as Interim First-Team Manager and he will rightly be granted the chance to stake his claim to be appointed permanently.

I am confident we will eventually have a considerable number of highly qualified applicants. We have drawn up a detailed applicant specification and, once we have created a short-list, the favoured applicants will be subjected to a rigorous round of interviews.

The new Manager will have a pivotal role to play in creating a successful team that can hopefully play with some flair and style - easier said, than done but, whilst nobody can guarantee success, we can try and limit the chances of failure.

Hard work, experience of this level of football, knowledge of the local football scene, sound coaching qualifications and a burning ambition to be successful will be amongst the ‘must have’ qualities. Maybe being a lucky Manager may also help!

Whilst our players will eagerly await the appointment of their new ‘Boss’, in the meantime, they have the opportunity today to show you how deeply they care for your club. Unity today, on and off the field, can help us make a statement that TIVVY are ready for action.

Michael Dunford


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