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Notice Is hereby given for the arrangements of the Annual General Meeting for Tiverton Town Association Football Recreation & Social Club.

Due to the ongoing Covid Restrictions the date for this AGM is later than we would normally expect. In addition, the date planned may have to be changed if Government restrictions dictate so. It is also impossible to distribute an Agenda or the previous years paperwork. These will be available on the night, but if you would like to have a copy before hand then please contact the club to make an appointment so these can be made available for you to collect.

Date: 21st January 2021 Time: 7.00pm

Election of Officers within the Club



Club Secretary

Football Secretary

If you would like to be considered for nomination to one of these positions. Then please write to the club detailing the position that you would like to apply for, together with any relevant details that would support your application. All nominations should be received by no later than 7th January 2021.

Any other correspondence in regard to this AGM should be addressed to the Club Secretary and be received by no later than 7th January 2021. No other matters received after this date will be discussed.

We welcome all interested people to attend our AGM, but voting rights are strictly limited to current Members of the club

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