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Free for All

SATURDAY, March 23 is Non-League Day – an annual event that celebrates semi-professional and grassroots football in the UK.


Saturday, March 23 is also the date of our home Pitching In Southern League Premier Division South clash with Hanwell Town.


Why not, we thought, bring together those two events on the same day?


So we have.


Here is the deal:


All season-ticket holders from any club – Premier League, Football League or non-league – can come to watch the Yellows at the Ian Moorcroft Stadium on Non-League Day ABSOLUTLEY FREE.


All you have to do is show your season-ticket on the gate and you will be waved in to Ladysmead without having to part with any of your hard-earned. That is all there is to it.


Non-League Day was set up by James Doe in 2010 as a social media experiment after being inspired by a pre-season trip to Devon to watch Queens Park Rangers play at Tavistock.


It has now grown to become an annual part of the football calendar, backed by Premier League and Football League clubs, MPs, celebrities, media organisations, charities and, most importantly, the fans who turn up on the day.


Come and join us for free on Non-League Day – we would love to see you.

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