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Gerring Up

TIVERTON Town manager Leigh Robinson is turning to a familiar presence to support him at Ladysmead, with one of his former players, Ben Gerring, set to join him as his assistant.

“It’s a funny sort of circle,” said Leigh, “because when I was at Taunton and Martyn Rogers was helping me, we needed some help in defence and we signed Ben because Martyn knew him – I didn’t – and now here we are, working together.

“He has had a really good career in non-league football. He’s played at a lot of good clubs, like Woking and Torquay, and is now looking to get into coaching. I’ve always liked him as a lad and he’s someone who fits the mould for what we want at the moment – hungry and desperate to cut his teeth in football management.

"His life is in the right place for what we want to do, which is important, and I’ll be delighted to have him on board.

“He’s well thought of behind the scenes here, so he’s in a good place and desperate to get started.”

“He’s very well connected. From what I know about the situation we’re in now, you have to defend your way out of it – you can’t attack your way out of – so Ben, who is a very experienced, hardened, non-league defender will do a lot of work on the defensive side of things and pass his experience on to the defensive side of the team so that we can hopefully defend our way out of trouble.

“Quite possibly, when he’s fit, which isn’t yet, he might play a part on the pitch. At the moment, he’s got a bit of a niggle in his back. The budget needs an assistant who can play and Ben ticks both boxes.”

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