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Manning the Barricades

Updated: Jun 12

TIME will tell whether Joel Manning goes on to become one of Tiverton Town's best, but it is already without doubt that he is one of the tallest ever to have worn the Yellows' goalkeeping shirt.

At 6ft 6in and perhaps a little more, Town's new gloveman rather nicely fills the frame of the goal with his own imposing frame, cutting a formidable figure at the base of Tivvy's defence.

“I think the people I've played with in the past will tell you I'm very commanding and the defence will definitely know that I'm behind them," said the 20-year-old former Chippenham Town man, when asked to describe his methodology. "I'm really aggressive and feel that I can distribute and save the ball really well.”

Released by Chippenham this summer, Joel spent the 2023-24 campaign on loan to Melksham Town of the Pitching In Southern League Division One South and is now eager to test his talents on a bigger stage.

“I'm buzzing, to be fair," he said. "It's a massive club. Obviously, looking around the stadium, I'm getting a feel for how big a club it is and I'm really excited and can't wait to get going.”

"I’m already in a group-chat with the lads and they’ve been really welcoming. I know a couple of the boys from the Bristol area, so just really excited to get out there and see what we can do.

“Looking at what we will be hoping to achieve, I think we’ll be aiming to win as many games as we can and improve on last year by finishing higher up the table.

"I’m completely looking forward to it."

Joel Manning is available for sponsorship for the 2024-25 season. If you would like to sponsor him, or for further details, please email

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