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Monthly Lotto

MONTHLY LOTTO ! The draw for August will take place on Saturday 28th August at 10:15, live over on our official Facebook page.

Here’s a run down of the prizes for this months winners and how to join in.

1st Prize - £297

2nd Prize - £85

3rd Prize - £42

4th Prize - Meal for 2 from Exeter Brewery Tap Room. Mr Tom's Pie & Mash meal

5th Prize - Bottle of Prosecco.

Each number in the draw costs £10 each with 50% of all the money raised going in to the prize fund and the other half goes to the club. Your allocated number will be the same for every month and there is no limit on the number of entries per person.

The application process to join is very simple. Simply email the following details to

Full name.

Home address.

Contact phone number.

Email address.

Entrants must be 16 years old and proof of age may be requested.

Once this has been sent you will receive your number and the bank account details to set up a standing order to pay your monthly fee.


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