Monthly Lotto Draw!

Draw results for June and details on how you can join.

MONTHLY LOTTO ! Just in case you missed the live lotto draw earlier, here’s this months results.

1st Prize £227 Bryn & Sue Williams

2nd Prize £65 Ella Buxton

3rd Prize £32 Tracey Ellis

Congratulations to this months winners. Our Monthly Lotto is a great way to not only win some great prizes but also to help support your club.

Each number in the draw costs £10 each with 50% of all the money raised going in to the prize fund and the other half goes to the club. Your allocated number will be the same for every month and there is no limit on the number of entries per person.

The application process to join is very simple. Simply email with the following details.

Full name.

Home address.

Contact phone number.

Email address.

Once this has been sent you will receive your number and the bank account details to set up a standing order to pay your monthly fee.


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