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A Manager's Manager

IF you want to know what sort of manager Leigh Robinson is, you could ask the dozens of players who have tasted success under his tutelage.

You could ask the fans of Wellington, or Taunton, whose clubs enjoyed unprecedented triumphs during his tenure.

Or you could ask Leigh himself.

“I’m very much a manager’s manager,” he said.

“I prefer to manage and oversee, and leave the coaching to people who are really good at that. That’s how I’ve worked successfully at other clubs. My main strength in management is that I can see what needs doing and I get it done, whether it’s a change of tactics; a change of personnel; a change of philosophy; a change of culture.

“Whatever it might be – get this player in the dressing-room, get this player out of the dressing-room – I’m good at seeing what a team needs and getting it done. Sometimes, it is something I can effect myself; sometimes it’ll be something that I leave the coaches to do.

“I don’t have a philosophy as such. I know how I want to play but, in non-league football, you have to play with the cards that you are given. Where I’ve done well is that I’m adaptable – I don’t have one way of doing things. There are plenty of ways of coaching a team or making a team successful.”

Now you know.

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