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Farewell Message

Departed striker Levi Landricombe sends his own goodbye and thank you message.

“Well, where do I start. Just saying thank you to everyone at the club doesn’t seem enough somehow. From the day that I signed back in December 2015 to the day that I decided to leave, everyone, and I mean everyone was brilliant towards me. From the management team, all the players I was fortunate enough to call my team mates and all the supporters, you were all first class“.

“I’m so glad the majority of my time there was a success and that the goals I scored brought so much joy to so many people, the less said about last season the better haha. I’ve made some amazing friends during my time with the club and I’ve got some memories that will never leave me. I may not play for the club anymore but I’ll always be a fan and look out for the results and hopefully I can get back up to the club one day to thank you all in person.“.

”Take care everyone and thank you all”.


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1 Comment

Colin Tanner
Colin Tanner
Sep 13, 2020

Fantastic player, privilege to watch. You will be missed.

Good luck for the future.


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