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TIVERTON Town’s ambitions to establish themselves as a club for the local community, immersed in the local community, and run by the local community has seen them appoint local businessman Luis Gordon to the Executive Committee.

Luis, a Yellows’ fan of many years standing, has more than 40 years of business experience, primarily in retail and hospitality. It is this knowhow that the Committee sees as a valuable asset as they seek to deliver their plan and build on foundations that include the recent appointment of Leigh Robinson as manager of the Pitching In Southern League Premier Division South club and the return of popular chairman Ian Moorcroft.

Vice-Chairman Matthew Conridge said: “I’m delighted to welcome Luis onto the Executive Committee. He has a wealth of business experience which will support our plan to move the club towards becoming a community-based organisation.”

Luis said: “I’m really hoping that I can use my business experience to help Tiverton Town FC and their amazing supporters, to build something really great.

“Matt put out a bit of a bit of a plea out on Facebook a little while ago that the club was looking for a little bit of support and I raised my head above the parapet, based on the fact that I love Tiverton.  I don’t get to every match because of my time commitments, but I’ve supported them since I moved to Tiverton about 17 years ago.

“Tiverton Town FC is hugely important to Tiverton and I am pleased to have been offered the opportunity help them at this exciting time. The club have been in existence for more 110 years and it is our job to make sure they are around for the next 110-plus years. 

“I was at the game last Saturday, where the team put on a fantastic display, beating Poole Town 4-2 and the match was enjoyed by more than 300 people.

“My hope is that we can build the attendance and really get behind the team. I urge anyone in the area who enjoys the game of football and has not seen Tiverton Town play to come on down to the Ian Moorcroft Stadium, alone or with the family, and give it a go. 

“The team are playing some excellent football and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the high quality. You will also be amazed at the hospitality area, which must be amongst the best, if not the best in the league.

“I’m not sure the people of Tiverton truly realise what a great asset they have got there. They have got a team that plays great football, certainly well above my expectation of what it should be at their tier of football. It is a very high standard. If Leigh and the guys can just build on that, there is potentially some success coming their way in the future.”

Luis is keen to use his business background to enhance the fan experience on match-days at the Ian Moorcroft Stadium, although he is keen to stress he is yet to have his first formal meeting with the Committee that also includes Mark Clarkson, Andy Greig and Deb Whiteway.

He said: “We certainly gelled the first time we had a chat. There are a lot of different skills around the table, and I hope I’ll be able to compliment the skills they have already got.”

Luis’s enjoyment of football started with him supporting West-Sussex based Brighton & Hove Albion back in the 1970s, when they played at the old Goldstone Ground.

In recent years, he has been a business coach/consultant to more than 30 businesses in the South West; a Managing Director for a bakery business based in Cornwall; a trustee for a local community charity; and a director of a property management company based in Tiverton.

He lives less than half a mile away from the stadium and has been married to Jacqui for 40 years, although it was another young lady in his life, granddaughter Niamh, who accompanied him to Ladysmead recently.

He said: “Over the years, I have brought various grandchildren to watch a game and this weekend I brought my youngest granddaughter. 

“As we left, she said she asked when she could go to the next game. That is a credit to the manager and the guys on and off the pitch, who have managed to keep a nine-year-old enthused and wanting to return.”

Welcome Luis (and Niamh!)

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