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Hands Up If You Love the Yellows

TIVERTON Town Football Club has been through some big changes recently: the formation of a new Executive Committee; the appointment of a young and exciting manager; and the return of a loved and respected chairman to name just three.

What has not changed – what never changes – is the loyalty, support and enthusiasm of Yellows’ supporters, in and around Tiverton and all points north, south, east and west.

The very backbone of our club, the strength of the Yellows, is formed by our happy band of volunteers. Without their huge contribution, Tiverton Town would not be sustainable, far less successful.

We need them – and we need you – to achieve two of our foremost aims:

1 – to become a club for the local community, immersed in the local community, and run by the local community; and

2 – to take our club forward by creating solid foundations on which future success can be built.

Your help is vital.

A little time and energy can make a huge difference to something in which we all believe.

By volunteering your skills and talents for the good of Tiverton Town, you can work with like-minded fans, helping to create a community club of which we can all grow increasingly more proud day by day.

From a few minutes on a match-day to sitting on the newly formed supporters’ advisory Club Committee, there are many roles for volunteers within the club to suit your time and talents.

First-team manager Leigh Robinson is convinced that the contribution of a happy volunteer force off the pitch directly impacts how his team performs on it. Executive Committee member Deb Whiteway agrees, and knows from experience that both parties benefit when volunteers stick their hand up.

She said: “The very heart and backbone of the club is down to the volunteers that it is fortunate to have on board, many for over 20 years.

“There is no age limit and we are particularly looking to increase our female contingent, so NOW is the time to get in touch.

“That said, whether you are male or female, a lover of football or not, retired or still working, whether your skills are manual or dealing with people...there are countless opportunities to get involved - and there is no age barrier.

“The club is not just about a playing surface - there is so much more at Tiverton Town Football Club that could benefit from YOUR input, and so much benefit you could derive from being part of a happy team of volunteers."

So, if you would like to volunteer to join your fellow supporters in building a Tiverton Town for now and for the future, we would love to welcome you.

Drop some contact details to Deb at or on 07944 010273 and we will get right back to you.


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