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Ian Moorcroft Returns

TIVERTON Town are delighted to announce that Ian Moorcroft is returning as Chairman of the Yellows.

Ian stood down as Chairman in April this year, two and a half years after taking on the role following many years on the club's Board of Directors, with Tiverton then bestowing him the honour of naming the club's home the Ian Moorcroft Stadium.

He was succeeded by Michael Dunford, who left Tiverton in November, and has now retaken the helm for a second spell. He will be supported by the new Executive Committee at the IMS, with Matthew Conridge – another former Chairman – becoming Vice-Chairman.

The news is sure to be welcomed by the Yellows' loyal supporters, who fondly recall his two decades as a Board member, including a first stint as Chairman in which he steered the club through the uncertain waters of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.

His support for the club has always been 100%, through his expertise and commitment and through significant financial assistance that has not only enabled the Yellows to field a competitive team at a high level of non-league football, but also helped provide the club with top-class facilities such as the Sports Bar and Function Room.

This rare generosity of time and knowledge enabled him to pass on the reins in April with the club debt free and in good health.

Although stepping down from an official role, Ian, together with his wife Barbara, remained a popular and frequent visitor to the club, always willing to pass on any valuable advice.

Good to have you back in the Chair, Ian.

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1 Comment

Adrian C
Adrian C
Nov 30, 2023

There’s definitely a “feel good factor” building at the club at the moment 👍


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