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Q&A With A&D

CLUB Secretary Darren Holmes caught up with new Tivvy player-coach Asa Hall on his first day at Ladysmead to talk about why he opted to come to the Ian Moorcroft Stadium; his hopes for the Yellows; playing for his country; and more.


DH: Welcome Asa to Tiverton Town. How much are you looking forward to a new challenge and being part of a relatively new project here with Leigh Robinson & Ben Gerring?


AH: “I'm really excited with it. I spoke to Gez and I spoke to Leigh – the manager –  I like what they're saying and what they've got planned for the club in the future. It's nice to be part of it and hopefully I can come and join the team, bringing my experience and my leadership qualities to help the team.”


DH: As you said, you have a wealth of experience and pedigree playing higher up the football pyramid, making in excess of 200 Football League appearances and also having a successful non-league career. What are your hopes and aspirations for the team and for yourself personally?


AH: “I’d like to see us, as a team, be competitive. I suppose you have to shoot for the stars and see where that takes you. You have to be realistic and we know the level’s a difficult one and that Leigh and Gez are putting a really good squad together. Hopefully we can hit the ground running and have a real good go at it this year.


“For myself, it’s obviously to play as many games as I can for the team and help on the coaching side as well, which is what I want to get my teeth into.”


DH: With your impressive cv, there would have been a lot of interest in you from clubs in the South West and further afield. Why did you choose the Yellows?


AH: “My phone did ring quite a lot and it’s strange having so many conversations in a short period of time and having to make a decision. But I liked what Leigh was saying. Obviously I know quite a few people here and I’ve always liked Tiverton. It’s a big club in Devon and I’m excited to be having that player-coach role going forward.”


DH: You spent time at Wolves as a youngster and then signed your first pro contract with Birmingham City, who were in the Premier League at the time. During that time, you represented the national team at age-group levels. What impact did it have on you representing your country and what are your thoughts looking ahead to the Euros in Germany?


AH: “It was a huge honour to represent my country. At the time, I was 18 and played in the Under-19 Championship qualifiers. So it's all quite real now with the Euros round the corner.


“It held me in good stead going forward and I learnt a lot in my few games that I played and played with some players who went on to do really good things in the game. Looking forward to the Euros, hopefully we can get as far as we can.”

DH: Pre-season isn’t far away. What are your thoughts on getting started and meeting up with your new team mates?


AH: “There is always excitement going into a new dressing-room and meeting all the players. Everyone’s in it together, it’s a fresh start and we’ll have to build from there. Hopefully, the team spirit is going to carry us along the way.”

Asa Hall is available for sponsorship for the 2024-25 season. If you would like to sponsor him, or for further details, please email



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